Pastor James Thomas preached a great message regarding the imagination of the heart. [powerpress]

Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. Pastor Pedro Pires shares with us an encouraging message. [powerpress]

Pastor Pedro Pires shares a few tips to help us grow and move forward in faith. [powerpress]

Pastor Pedro Pires shares with us the first message of a new year. A few tips on how to start a new year the right way. [powerpress]

Pastor Kurt Hems preached an inspiring message on the peace we can find with God. [powerpress]

Pastor Gary Heinrichs shares a great and inspiring message of encouragement. [powerpress]

Pastor James Thomas gives a heartening sermon on the love which God has towards us. [powerpress]

Pastor Pedro Pires preached this inspired message teaching you how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. [powerpress]

The Bible tells us that we must confess that which we believe. Learn how to use a powerful weapon given to us in this inspiring message. [powerpress]

Learn a few tips on how to submit yourself to GOD and resist the devil. An inspiring message! [powerpress]

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